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Royal School of Church Music 

Lincoln Area

         Updated 12th March 2015


The RSCM is an educational charity dedicated to raising standards and promoting music in every style of Christian worship and every denomination. Since 1927 it has grown into an organisation of over 11,000 members and affiliates worldwide, who are offered unique support and guidance through local and national events and publications. We promote a programme of educational events for organists, choir trainers and singers of all abilities and experience, the highlight of which is the annual Area Festival. Our Dean's and Bishop's Chorister Awards operate alongside the RSCM's Voice for Life scheme and are open to singers of all ages. For information about the RSCM's international work please visit www.rscm.com

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Come and Sing Stainer's Crucifixion

Sunday, 29th March

Rehearsal: 5.00pm.

Performance: 6.30pm.

Copies available on the day

Optional rehearsal on Monday, 23rd March (7.30 - 9.00pm)

Dress: Suits/sober colour any length/choir robes

Contact: Fergus Black (Conductor) contact@fergusblack.com



Training for Dean's and Bishop's Awards

with Steven Maxson

Saturday, 9th May

at St Peter & Paul Church, Caistor


Songs of Praise for Village Church Choirs

with Eric Wayman

Sunday, 31st May

at St Peter & Paul Church, Gosberton


Meet, Eat and Sing

with Rosemary Field

Tuesday, 23rd June

at St. Nicholas Church, Lincoln



Midsummer Music

with Steven Maxson

Tuesday, 7th July

at St Peter & Paul Church, Caistor


Lincoln Area Festival

with Aric Prentice

Sunday, 11th October

at St. Botolph's Church, Boston


 Choral Workshop

with Bob Chilcott

Saturday, 7th November

at Lincoln Minster School



RSCM Singing Awards

Dean's (Bronze) and Bishop's (Silver)

New Syllabus (as from 2014),

Entry Form and other details

can be found here


The  awards are examined three times a year.

The deadline dates for entries are:

31st March

31st July

30th November

The examinations will be held 5 to 9 weeks

 after the deadline date for entries.


Fees (as from 2014)

Dean's Award 40 

Bishop's Award  46


Mr Nicholas Pitts  

3 Burtey Fen Lane

PE11 3SR

Tel:  01775 766081  

E-mail: burteyfen@yahoo.co.uk

Lincoln Area Committee


Jane Beeson

Telephone:01652 678230

e-mail: jane.beeson@btopenworld



Anne Nugent

Telephone: 01522 880860
e-mail: aenugent@live.co.uk


Frank Cooper
Telephone: 01205 750204

email: yorkhouse.flyer@btinternet.com



Tim Williams

Telephone: 07764 536483

e-mail: music@stwulframs.com

Awards Secretary

Mr Nicholas Pitts

Tel:  01775 766081  

e-mail: burteyfen@yahoo.co.uk


Membership Officer

Martyn Pidgen

Telephone:01472 840210

e-mail:  martinpidgen@greenbee.net


Education and Training Officer
Eric Wayman
Telephone: 01775 840906


Eizabeth Hill
Telephone: 01529 240839